Upgrading Hardwood Floors is the Best Investment for Your Home. 

Real estate professionals emphasize that homes with hardwood sell for more money and quicker then houses with any other flooring surface.

Hardwood flooring gives a long lasting beauty and elegance to your home. It makes you connect with nature and feel whole. 

In addition, hardwood flooring makes your house healthier. It eliminates about 80 % of unhealthy agents that may be contained in carpet.  

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We Carry

Anderson, Armstrong, Reward, Galleher, Urbanfloor, Old Master,Expo Floor, others... 

Floors Cabinets & More has an extensive collection of flooring products available for your home or business. Material can be available as quickly as two days at extremely competitive prices.

The brands that we carry include Anderson, Armstrong, Reward, Galleher, Urbanfloor, Old Master, Expo Floor, Flooring, among others. There are a number of upgrades which can make your home a better investment, such as well matched wood flooring – let us help you choose the product which best meets your needs.

We have a wide selection of floors in stock at a great price. Call 916-331-1418 to compare prices.